Sunday, 27 May 2012

Today was a bit of a red-letter day. Six eggs instead of one or none. This includes two laid in the holes Big Moo has eaten in the round bale. And Big Moo let down for me without needing Ziggy. I waited til she was full, and I milked my 1 1/2 litres while she ate in peace and then gave her extra for a treat. I can only hope she gets the difference between last night's fuss and tonight's simplicity and chooses the easy way. One can always be an optimist I guess.

We also did the final dig over of the central bed in the vege garden and planted all sorts of leafy greens for winter eating. DH set up the two portable greenhouses and tied them down and they are now ready for tomatoes and capsicum. This will be our experiment to see if we can get enough heat into them to get fruit. Even if all it does is get them ready to fire as soon at it warms up I guess it's a start.


This is an air photo of our farm (red edge) with the internal fencing marked (yellow lines). Not for any real purpose, just to show you the layout. Since this was taken we've added a shipping container, cowshed, chicken run and lambing pen. It will be interesting to see how well they show up next time the area is done.

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