Monday, 5 October 2015

It's spring time in Scottsdale, and with spring comes lambs.

Here are Jonesy (plain) and George (speckled) with their Mum, Molly. Mum only has one side to the udder so George was adopted out to be bottle raised. I'll get a current pic of him soon.

This is Jonesy now at 8 weeks old.

Little Pocket, daughter of Min. 
Pocket was premature and nearly died at about 3 days old.

We found her nearly unconscious and cold right through. 
Here Geoff is warming her up so she can be bottle fed.

Me feeding her in the paddock. 
She spent her days with mum and nights with us.

She and I spent a week or so sleeping on the lounge.

After contracting an infection in one knee (joint ill) which required antibiotics and pain relief, she had bleeding in the joint (haemarthrosis) which required a splint and pressure bandages, and then an abscess above the knee with more bandaging and dressing ... 

Finally Pocket is nine weeks old and seems to be nearly healed. 
She has gone from 3 kg to 15 kg and is the ringleader of the lambs. 

This is Teddy, son of Emmaline. He is a big soft 8 week old. 

Cleo had twin girls, Snip on the left and Pippi on the right. 
Both small as is usual with twins, but bright and bouncy.

We lost one little fellow. Bella is a first time mum who didn't know what to do with her lamb (here with Geoff while the infamous Pocket hogs the cat's bed) and we took him in. He lived for 36 hours and then died suddenly. It's always sad to lose a little one, but it's worth trying.