Saturday, 2 January 2016

Woodwork Projects

I've set up my woodworking shop in the greenhouse. The seedling trees are over-summering in here in the hope of an autumn break for planting. I'm also sprouting some ginger in here and hope to add turmeric plants as well.


Modeled on an old one found in the saddle room, which has proven beautifully simple and ridiculously useful.


The vege garden gates were well and truly in need of replacement. Simple gates of paling and battens were good replacements.


I've needed to make a few of these. Some are used by broody hens sitting on eggs, some by hens with clutches of chicks, and some just for laying.


A rain and windproof shelter in a paddock near the house. This has already been used as a lambing and calving shelter and proved handy for a sick-bay. The stock especially like the little verandah area at the front on frosty mornings as the sun falls right in there and it is sheltered from the prevailing winds.

Cheese and Fences

When there is a little surplus milk I like to make some cheese for the table. Generally a simple farmhouse cheese that is sort of a half fetta - half cream cheese.

Another fencing project is the stockyard area that attaches to the dairy. It was becoming more of a suggestion than an order and it was only a matter of time before some over-excited steer or overly greedy dorper went right through.

Replacement of the fencing with good wire and solid board sections, setting the new loading ramp into place and adding a number of gates has made it a series of yards that can be used to draft out groups of animals and load any size truck or trailer and even a horse float.

A Few Snippets from 2015

The next few posts will be catch ups from during the year that I didn't find time to post earlier.

Despite getting the tomato plants in at around Christmas time and therefore a very short growing season, we did manage a small crop. Some were put straight in the food processor and frozen ready for adding to slow cooker meals and some were dried for storage in olive oil.


A surprise visitor was a young ferret that put the wind up the chooks and made himself at home in the house via the back door between my feet. Obviously a pet, turns out he came from two farms over. No idea how he made it across so much farmland, but the kids were very pleased to have him back.

The Little Red Tractor

The newest acquisition is a 1957 Ferguson FE-35. A 35 hp diesel, two wheel drive with a PTO and 3 point linkage.

She is in great condition, having been looked after really well. With the four new tyres put on by the previous owner she should last us out.

She only just fits in the garage, but this will protect her from the elements and hopefully the cushioned seat from the starlings.