Friday, 22 July 2016

Another Winter Arrival

About a year ago Big Moo had a back injury and an operation for a displaced abomasum (essentially a twisted stomach). She lost the calf she was carrying at the time, and we had been weighing up whether to AI her or give her another year on the back injury. Young Erg, the lowline bull calf, took matters out of our hands and settled Big Moo just days before he went to his new home.

This is Big Moo a week ago, her operation site is about half way down her side, just behind the ribs. It has healed without a scar, excellent work from her vet, Sam.

She gave birth to a little heifer calf without much fuss or fanfare. This is her third calf, so she knows what's what. The little girl is doing well, cheeky and confident as befits the herd queen's baby. She gets the best of everything... I am sharing the milk with her to the tune of 2 litres a day, but it won't take long before she can take it all and I'll have to wait til until she's weaned.

Ngaire (pronounced Ny-ree) is a dexter x lowline. Her big brother, Ziggy, is taller than Big Moo (same cross) so it will be interesting to see if Ngaire ends up tall or wide.