Monday, 15 August 2016

From the Ground Up

For some time this pile of corrugated iron and timber has been sitting in the paddock. The lambs have been using it as a playground, but it has a higher purpose.

Yesterday three blokes (Hubby, Mark Humphries and Matt Cassidy from Matt's Maintenance) used all the timber from the pile and the game is now afoot.

This is where the action is all happening, Alvin has assured himself that all the ute tyres have been "addressed" and is heading back for a nap.

Getting the posts in :

Admiring the posts :

All the framing done, from the other side of the building :

The framing from the inside :

The corrugated iron will go on the roof on Thursday, weather permitting, and then I will start sorting the second hand tin for the walls.

The finished result will be a 12m by 8m cattle shelter, with room for a stall. The westerly half will be walled in, with its back to the prevailing wind, and the easterly half will be a verandah providing shade and keeping the rain out of the walled part.

And I think a small lamb playground made from pallets and a good rough and solid scratching post might be the next projects.