Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Didn't go to work today, didn't have the heart for interacting with people.

I did manage to clean out the carport, which was full of straw and sheep poop from housing Max and Angus during their first bout of pinkeye (happily Angus is back to 1 1/2 eyes from none, and Min has both eyes clear as of today, Max's relapse cleared a week ago).

And put the bottom layer of plastic gutter mesh around the northern side of the houseyard fence to stop the chickens sneaking in through the hingejoint to dig up the herb garden and courtyard garden... they are ruthless. 28 acres and they have to pick on those few small square metres !

Cleaned out the laundry as well. Keeping your mind off loss makes for plenty of cleaning energy.

We took two of the gold laced wyandottes round to a friend's farm after dark when they were easy to catch last night. They have proved to be relentless broodies here but will fit in really well with her flock plans. And she loves the one we sent over a few months ago so they might as well go where they will make someone happy. Poor old Brewster is down to four adult hens, but has another four pullets coming up so he will cope.

Got nearly two litres from Big Moo yesterday and again today. It's nice while it lasts but I'm sure Ziggy will take up the slack as he gets bigger. Here's a photo of him the morning after he was born (which was Good Friday at 8pm).

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