Sunday, 6 May 2012

A perfect autumn day today. A good day for gardening... DH dug in the cow manure I've collected over the last two weeks. It's going to make the garden so rich. Planted tomatoes, capsicum, onions and lettuce in the seed tray ready for when the manure has had a chance to rot down. The sweet potatoes are happy under their frost blanket and we are waiting for the first frost to harvest the punkinis.

We found some spiny burr grass in Poppy's wool. My fingertips made the unpleasant discovery, but a tour of the bottom pasture and a search of the other sheep came up with nothing so we're hoping that Poppy found the only plant and managed to get all the burrs wrapped up. It's not a good plant to have around.

Good news is that Min's eye is clearing up from the nasty pinkeye infection. While Angus's eyes still look cloudy he was running today and reacting to movement so I have to assume he is seeing better. Hopefully this will be the last of the cases and Harley can go to her new home once the flock is clean.

I picked all the older comfrey leaves and split them between the cows and sheep. Most of the sheep had a good feed, but it was Jack and Little Moo that cleaned them up in the cow paddock. Given that they are lactation herbs I thought Big Moo would have been a little keener ? Perhaps the kelp in her feed is meeting her needs at the moment.

The chickens have mostly quit laying for the winter, or have found somewhere to hide their eggs. I have frozen about a dozen eggs, beaten and poured into icecube trays and another half dozen cracked straight into cupcake moulds as individual eggs. I will be experimenting a little to find the best way to freeze them as we get heaps of eggs all summer and none during winter.

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