Sunday, 26 August 2012

Little Moo has settled into the new location, after initial galloping and wild mooing he discovered a red heifer about the same size as himself and they are now buddies. Ruby might go to the show with him, as she has been trained to lead in the ring. This would suit him, he is very definitely a follower.

The herd seemed small without him tonight. I guess he is 25% of the population...


Here we have goose eggs and goose digs.

Two goose eggs hidden under the mulch. Wills was sitting on them this afternoon, jury is still out on whether she knew where they were all along or stumbled on them while poking around.

This is the new paddle pool in the goose "hoose". While there are steps (how thoughtful am I ?) Burke spent the afternoon clambering over the edge to get in and have a bath. He had four or five baths, and splashed alot of water around. The little orange tree is really going to like this. Wills is yet to try it.

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