Friday, 3 August 2012

Good news and bad news.

Little Friday passed away. Some kind of tummy bug we think, but after such a hard birth it's hard to say. Everyone is saddened, and we are sad for the two little lambs, and Harley who wanted a baby to love and Poppy who should have been able to love her baby. Both girls are doing well and hopefully next time will be different for them.

Star is still holding out and all extremities are crossed for two small, slippery boy lambs.

The good news is that today Molly gave birth to two lovely ewe lambs ! I came home to find them up and dry and feeding. Knee sagging relief. The little family is now in the house yard and Molly is being a great mum :-)


Ziggy had an appointment with the vet last night, he is now a steer. He's had a sedative and a local, and antibiotics and a tetanus shot, but was far more indignant about being sat on than the procedure. Being winter there are no flies around to bother the site, and he is up and about and looks just fine.

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