Saturday, 4 August 2012

The two little ewe lambs are doing just fine. They seem to have two speeds, drink and sleep. Which is pretty normal for 24 hr old lambs. I expect to see some play beginning over the next few days and plan to spend a bit of time with a cup of tea just watching.


I'm resisting the urge to name them, waiting for DH to get back from Wilcannia. He's off with the RFS doing a hazard reduction burn to get some experience with grass fires before summer sets in. They've asked for volunteers from all over the state so that if things get bad more people have had some kind of experience with the big grass fires that can sweep across the open country.

It's not that long since large parts of the west have been flooded, so the soil moisture is high, the temperature is down and the grass is really hard to get started. While no-one wants a burn to get away because it's too wild, something beyond a controlled smoulder is useful. They're using up alot of accelerant trying to keep things rolling.


The weather has been great, sunny and mild, with a gentle breeze. I am down to a t shirt while gardening, midwinter here is often delightful. Spring and autumn are lovely too, it's just summer we need to have fixed. If I had enough money I'd have summer quarters somewhere closer to the south pole.

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