Sunday, 5 August 2012

More good news today ! Star has lambed, a little ram lamb that has been named Dave. Only one, it seems all the young ewes have carried singles. Here they are in the stable yard of the farm where the girls are based for the time being.

He was born about 8.30 am we think, as he was mostly dry and was walking around. She was licking him and loving on him, she talked to him and he talked to her. She wasn't so happy about him looking for food though and was spinning round every time he went looking for the udder. We were worried we'd have another rejection !

We put some food in a corner and (since she is a dorper after all...) managed to show Dave where the teats where while she ate. All that work getting the girls used to their udders being handled while they ate paid off as he was able to get a couple of short drinks.

By late afternoon he was still bouncy and didn't look sunken so we had to assume he was getting some milk here and there, and finally we saw Star stand and let him drink. Not a long drink, but the main thing is that she stood. My friend will check on him before bed tonight and again first thing in the morning, and if he's a little weak we can give him a drink to tide him over until they work it all out, but with some luck it's all good from here.

I suspect Medea is pregnant, but could be more than a month away, so that's all the action over for the time being.

It's hard work being a baby !


On the home front, I set up the sheep milking stanchion and fed Molly in it last night. It has a rubber floor (to stop the girls kicking dirt up) and it must be warmer than the ground because she parked the lambs in there to sleep !

This morning I fed here there again and handled her udder, and this afternoon I gave her a wash and massage and milked out a tiny bit of milk. She's never been the let-down queen, but it's clear she remembers the routine and isn't bothered. The lambs just watched dubiously, this whole outside world thing is a little confusing. They are already sampling everything mum eats :-)

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