Monday, 3 September 2012

We went to the Narromine Show on Saturday, where Little Moo was making his debut appearance. We missed his class, as the cattle went through faster than expected, but by all reports he acquitted himself well. He didn't win a ribbon this time, but fingers crossed for his next outing !

Flora is the cow I have just purchased. I will be picking her up on Wednesday.

Here are some photos of the girls and their charges. I won't name the girls for their privacy, but the three are not part of a formal school cattle handling program and are learning on their own time.

 Little Moo wins a heart

 Ruby - Mary : a half grown red lowline heifer 
and Little Moo's new girlfriend.

 Flora : a four year old lowline cow with her bull calf

 Edo : Flora's six week old calf

Little Moo pauses for a moment with his handler

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  1. Your cattle are so little and cute! You make me want to buy a Dexter. Darn CALPC never have enough!