Sunday, 10 August 2014

The morning of the Great Migration dawned and I packed the cars and trailer while DH filled the skip with all the leftover rubbish. He was still throwing the last things in when they came to take it away. The carpet cleaner did his thing, and the new owners came out with the agent to do their inspection, they seemed happy. I gave the keys to the agent while he was there, saving one job on the way out of town.

One of the fire brigade couples came back out and took away the desk and lounge suite we had to leave behind (need to get a modular setting for the smaller house in Tassie) and brought out pizza for lunch. While we were all having a pizza picnic lunch I got the call that settlement had been completed, it was all official !

We packed the dogs into the back seat of the farm ute, put Willy into his special crate with custom made tarp cover, and hit the road.

 Farewell to Oaklands !

The first leg was a short one, an hour and a half to my parents' place at Molong. We unloaded everyone and took the dogs for a walk and left Willy in the house yard. A tactical error, we thought he'd be happier not walking in a strange place after dark because sheep don't get more rational in the dark, but Dad says he spent the whole time racing up and down the fenceline baaing hysterically.

Willy got to wander the yard but the dogs were tethered (fence too low) but all passed the night peacefully. We had a lovely meat fondue (old family favourite), a great visit with Mum and Dad and a good night's sleep, and then set off on the longest leg at about 8.30am the next morning. This time Willy went on the pre-loading walk.

The dogs were happy to get back in the ute, one head out each window, but Willy wasn't so keen on the crate. He spends most of the time sitting down sleeping or chewing cud so we have to make the stops long enough for him to eat a bit too. 

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  1. So glad to finally see some photos of your amazing journey! I'm hurrying on to see the rest . . .