Sunday, 17 August 2014

In the interests of fairness I will point out that not everything has turned out perfectly. The second time I used the oven I had a major ant relocation occur. That's right, the second time. They apparently set up shop between the first use and the following one. Why ? Not a clue. And they haven't appeared again since.

This is the interior of the big machinery shed. I think a mezzanine floor would make the best use of the enormous space. DH is convinced this is the new man cave. It was hand built by the last owners and they built it to last, those are whole tree trunks. Stringy bark I am told.

The cats have settled in well, the front yard is a perfect sun trap for them. That black blob under Asante's head is Tenchi's head. Nothing better than a brother for a pillow.


  1. Gross on the ants!!!!!!! Disgusting! I'm shuddering here at the thought of it.

    Our cats sleep on each other too, weird creatures. :-)

  2. Here's hoping the ants are the worst thing in your new paradise! ;)