Sunday, 17 August 2014

So we have now been here two weeks and I thought I should start getting some photos from the farm up for you to see. A handful of scenery ones to start with ...

This is the view to the south from my bedroom window :

Those furthers peaks are on the edge of the snowfields and they tell me sometimes you can see a little snow on them. It doesn't snow here in Scottsdale.

This is a photo of two maremma sheepdogs hard at work in the driveway loop making sure the grass is growing in an orderly fashion :

Poppy in front and Alvin at back. Poppy does most of the barking and greeting, Alvin only bothers if he sees the visitors are dog people.

This is the view to the southwest from the back of the house, with Willy in his little pasture knee deep in grass :

That's the hay shed at the back and the implement shed in the front. The locality of West Scottsdale is sort of over the top of Willy.

And a bit round to the south, he has a lovely view from his digs :

It's hard being a sheep in paradise !

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