Friday, 8 June 2012

That calf !! Three nights ago, no milk. Not a drop. And calf not interested. Hmmm, could he have nursed through the fence ? Next night I powder the teats with one of the minerals. Nope, still on there at milking and there's plenty of milk. Maybe it was the cold and being in heat, just a blip on the radar.

Last night, no milk. And the slime on the teats was a dead giveaway ! Tarngabbit !!

So tonight he goes in the stable pen because that has the shortest fenceline with the area she's seperated to. And some sheep yard panels a couple of feet out from that fence. Are we up to plan G yet ?


After getting excited about a redundancy and then figuring out it wasn't enough, I find out I have access to part of my superannuation if I am made redundant and start getting excited again.

I am having trouble finding out how much and what tax is paid, the best case scenario pays the car and house and leaves me $85k in hand. The worst case leaves me $100k short of paying off the house. And I have to wait for people to give me the numbers because everyone seems to have taken an extra day off on Friday to enjoy the long weekend.

I'm on a roller coaster !

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