Wednesday, 3 September 2014

They're here !!!!

They arrived just on dusk, so I was glad I had everything ready ahead of time. No photos as it was too dark, but here are some from this morning.

Having been brushed and backlined, and having had a good breakfast of hay, the cattle get to sample the grass. They are a bit shaggy and poopy, but with regular brushing their coats should get shiny again.

Big Moo has lost some weight and a little bit of skin and hair, but she is still my beautiful herd boss.

Little Sieka is now about a year old, I look forward to getting back into the training routine. Leading, picking up feet and basic milking manners.

The sheep come with three lambs. Molly had twins before we left, one has been sent to be bottle raised. The other, a little ewe lamb called Bella, is doing fine on mum.

This fancy lamb is Emmaline's. A ram lamb, name of Shiney. Have to see if there is any demand for awassi genetics down here. Going to be a very impressive little boy I think.

And this little one is Cleo's lamb and I think a ewe lamb. Already taller than Bella, Cleo throws tall slabby lambs, laid back and solid. If it is indeed a she, the name is Nefertiti.

Checking out the new digs. They've already eaten the grass in the pen, lucky for them it's a portable pen and they will get new grass every day.

Staff from Elders in town came out and gave them an injectible wormer that will give them three months protection while they acclimatise to the pastures. Very much appreciated as I wouldn't have been able to inject them on my own, DH being in transit back from Dubbo.

Boof is feeling the effects of the long journey and is holed up in the shelter. He's had a dose of aspirin and is tucked in hay, so hopefully he'll rally soon.


  1. The view is beautiful! I love the way you love and care for your animals! An inspiration.

  2. It's gorgeous! Simply gorgeous! I know you're thrilled to have them safely with you again!

  3. I had spaced out on your cows. You'll have them in tip top shape in no time. Also spacing out on Boof. I'm bad at names. That's not your bottle baby is it?

  4. No, that's Willy and he's just fine. Boof is our old ram, he's always been a bit limpy, but I think he wrenched both shoulders coming down the ramp off the truck as it was very steep and it would have been hard for him.

    I've gotten six aspirin into him morning and night and he's coming good so far. I had to argue with him about the last lot. With luck he'll be feeling good enough to make a morning dose impossible. You know your ram is off when he lets you poke six tablets one by one into his mouth and over his tongue !