Saturday, 20 September 2014

Hasn't been alot to report. A bit of rain, a bit of sun, a bit of wind. Two sheep with bacterial arthritis, once completely recovered, the second still malingering.Cattle and dogs are fine, one of the 17yo cats is looking his age.

DH picked up some ug boots while he was in Dubbo. From the Westhaven ug boot factory, hand made, great quality. Think of these guys when you look for warm uggies next winter. Money goes to the sheltered workshop.

We slipped up to Bridport one afternoon but missed the light, will have to take a trip during the day.


Got some business cards distributed around town and an ad organised for the Northeastern Advertiser (the local paper) so hopefully some work will come our way.

Organised a local hay contractor to come and check out the large pasture to see if we can make hay, and a local builder to quote on securing the foundations of the big hay shed so it can be turned into a barn and stall area.

Also got a lead on a number of the chook breeds that are on my wish list and on a plucker and scalder. The seller of the latter also offered all his roosters, between us and the dogs we should be able to eat a few !

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