Sunday, 2 June 2013

The milking shed is just about done. Walls are lined and painted, storage is in place, sink is ready to be plumbed in and lights are in. The area in these pics is the end third, animals will be entertained in the front two thirds. The fittings for that area will depend on who is being milked (sheep or cow, Flora or Big Moo) and who else wants to participate. There are always helpers with the sheep... I'll take pics of the milking setups as they happen.

The milking machine is a second hand "Dairy Maid" waiting to be cleaned up, pump serviced and the hoses replaced. People door on the left, skylight on the upper right. Need a "whirly bird" ventilator to keep air moving. The lights are little LED solar shed lights. Four in all, brilliant at night :-)

The wooden chest houses fly veils (courtesy of Kirby !), horse rugs in case a cow feels poorly, clean cloths and towels, and warm jackets for lambs. The shelf in behind it has the medications, creams, washes, lotions etc, all the tagging, clipping, castrating, drenching and injecting stuff, and the brushes and other grooming gear.

The shelves on the back wall are cleaning gear, drying space and milking stools. The sink will have a caravan "hand pump" tap that will have a line to the little rain water tank outside. The shelf underneath is salvaged scaffolding of some kind which sits nicely on the mid shelf of two electrical pit inserts and has room for two milk crates underneath. The quintessential storage/seating/stacking/table item, a good milk crate is worth it's weight in gold. There is a third crate somewhere on the farm and when I find it, it will be hidden in here too. Mine !! My Precious !! Ahem ...

Next job is a safe power source for the milking machine. Since DH is an electrician I expect I will be running an extension cord from the garage for a few years ...


  1. I didn't know you had a milking operation. Neat! LOVE the ext. cord prediction ;-).

  2. How Lovely!

  3. One house cow (dexter), one house cow in training (lowline) and four ewes in various stages of milkability, "anywhere anytime if there's food", "only in a stand with food", "only in the race with food" and "awassi with huge udder and I can't wait til her second lamb to try" :-)

  4. Great setup Jody. Much flasher than mine which is draughty and nowhere near as civilised.