Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Burke & Wills have made an astounding discovery. They've travelled to the ends of the earth....

Our two resident geese have discovered the lower dam. It's only ten goose lengths from water's edge to water's edge, over the rim of the top dam and down into the lower. It only took them two months to make this leap into the unknown. I bet they followed the ducks.


I passed my BF (Bush Fire) competancies on Sunday.  Things like using a drip torch, making a rakehoe line, operating the pumps and laying down a water line, rolling hoses and operating the radio. We did a small pile burn with backburns and firebreaks. Now I can go and get my PPE.


We moved three ewes to another farm on Monday. Annie, Patch, Boots, Bunny & Ginny are already there, it's their new permanent home. Harley will be joining them permanently, and Poppy and Star are accompanying her to help her settle in and also for the three of them to lamb over there. Once the lambs are weaned they'll come home. The flock is very quiet without the three amigos. They were clearly the noisy ones !

This is a farm where the sheep get brushes and scritches, I was lucky to find good homes for our sweet girls. They love having the sheep around and I feel happy that they are in good hands. They're going to really enjoy these three ratbags :-)

On a side note, the gentleman who borrowed Boof didn't end up with any lambs. I was wondering if that meant the old guy had hit the wall and was ready for a quiet retirement. It's since become obvious that there are at least three of our ewes pregnant. Maybe he just wasn't feeling the love at his loaner farm ?


Ziggy is three months old now and fuzzy as a caterpillar and fat as a tick. He's going to be a solid boy. We still haven't steered him and that decision needs to be made before he gets too much bigger.

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