Thursday, 16 October 2014

There's been a few adventures in Tassie, which I'll post about shortly.In the meantime, here are some random photos.

The mower and trailer are very handy for mucking out the cow areas. I can back them right down the concrete and flick the waste hay and manure right into the trailer. From here it goes to the vege garden to become compost.

The old plum tree hasn't died, it was later flowering than the other trees but put on a lovely show. It will be a good shade tree once the leaves come in too. And perhaps fruit ?


I've set up the livestock food and medicine dispensary in the old cutting room. The hanging rails are quite useful for rugs, halters and fly veils. With lights, power and running water this may end up being a cheesemaking room once the old milkroom is refitted for all this gear.

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