Saturday, 21 December 2013

Now, moving onto the cattle.

All are sleek and shiny. And just as bored as the sheep. They are trekking into the forest after breakfast and dinner to look for something to browse on and are coming back with red ticks. I am not sure what kind they are, not paralysis or cattle ticks, perhaps bush ticks or dog ticks. I need to take one into the vet and have it identified. They never seem to be able to fill up on the cattle, perhaps their skin is too thick. They do cause an allergic reaction and nasty little sores though, so I inspect twice a day and put purple spray on the sores.

It looks like Sieka's brown baby hair is growing out and being replaced by black. She's likely going to be that ultra-dominant angus black, none of the jersey colour or her father's white patches. Never mind, she's beautiful as she is.

Little Moo is back ! Cindy-Lou Moo has gone out to Trangie as she has reached breeding age and is now going to rendezvous with the little red bull. He is looking well, and settled right back in within 24 hours.

Little Moo and Ziggy are about the same size, though Ziggy is three years younger. They have fun wrestling and  being big boys together. Jack outweighs both of them and has the role of the herd bull despite not having the necessities. Since he's very easy going the herd is quite relaxed.

Here is the Christmas greeting from the cows, Big Moo with one ear cocked back to hear the little bells on the antlers and the other pointed in my direction because there had better be a good explanation for this !

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  1. It looks like she's snorting, but on closer inspection, it's just hay! :)