Monday, 8 July 2013

I haven't updated in a while because we've been busy nursing Molly, who has developed necrotic mastitis. It's a nasty infection of the udder and we may lose her. At the very least we will probably lose that side of the udder.

 We have sent one of her lambs (the little ewe lamb Elf) to be a bottle baby at another farm to reduce the stress and drain on her. Luckily her brother still has the other two boys to play with.

Any prayers, good thoughts or well wishes are appreciated.


Lamb races are a wonderful part of dusk at the moment. They race up and down the driveway at full tilt. My camera isn't good enough to capture them in mid leap, but this shot of all four lambs in a race will give you an idea of the fun.

One of the favourite shrubs for the sheep are the wormwood bushes at the front of the house yard. Used to make absinthe, the drink of the green fairy, the leaves are very bitter. I'm not sure if they love them for the anti-worm action or whether they do get a hallucinatory effect ...

Here is Benny having a munch.



This is the latest addition to Oaklands, a 4yo maremma named Alvin. He has come to be the livestock guardian dog for the sheep and chickens.

The chickens are a bit ho-hum, the sheep think he's a wolf in sheep clothing and the cows think he's the scariest thing since the plastic bag blew across the paddock last year.

They gather at the shared fence to bellow at him and mill around pretending to be bulls. In the lower photo you can see his reaction to all the ruckus ...


  1. Sorry to hear about Molly, I hope she pulls through.
    When you get a minute, I'd like to ask you questions about your Dairy Maid. I have one and can't find anyone else who uses one (Trina has one, I think, but has never used it). You can find me via KFC.

  2. I'm sorry Molly's still having trouble :-(. Prayers her way for sure!

    Love the picture of the lamb races and Alvin looks WONDERFUL!!! My older sheep have never gotten chummy with Hank, but they respect him when he says there's trouble and they need to take cover. Your lambs should buddy up pretty quick and that will help. No clues on the cows ;-).

  3. Will do Cassie :-)

    Alvin is pretty bored being in the pen, I can't wait til he has some friends :-)