Monday, 29 May 2017


Here's the progress shots of that building in the paddock.  It's 12m by 8m, and hubby joked that in some countries it would contain three families and a shop.

Roof on. It looks like it slopes this way, but it's actually just below me on the hill. The roll is to the right of the photo, add a gutter and a trough and we have a rainwater supply.

We used new corrugated iron and laserlite for the roof, hopefully it will last me out.

The three panels of laserlite across the back will stop the walled in section being a dark cave.

This is how the translucent section looks with the walls on. The big beams at about three feet high are the "bump bars", to stop cattle rear ends denting the walls. Mineral feeders can also be hung from those, and if a section is being used for a stall, water and food tubs as well.

The completed shelter, with walls made from second hand Scottsdale red roof iron. I haven't decided yet whether to paint it the same red just to tidy it up, or country grass green to make it blend in.

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