Friday, 17 June 2016

Baby of the Rains

In the middle of the recent flooding in Tassie a new lamb was born to our flock. The sheep were tucked deep in the hayshed, warm and dry, and she was a complete surprise.

Daughter of Nefertiti (and granddaughter of Cleo), Jemima picked up her grandma's caramel colouring and her Dad's  (Shiney) spotted pattern.

This is a family shot, Mum Nef at the back, big brother Tut in the middle and Jemima at front.

Copying Aunty Snip. One advantage of a family flock with all ages together is that lambs are quite quickly confident hanging out with sheep other than mum. This is at three days old, and she's out grazing with the teenagers.

Some more of the kids waiting for supper, left to right : Tut, Sunny, Shaila and Morgan. Not a great composition, but I liked the light.

Remember George ? His mum only had one teat so he was hand raised by a friend. Here he is on the day he was born.

And here he is at his new home where he will be a flock ram, with his new friend Gordon the Goat.

The most recent lamb born here was Callie, shown here with her mum Bella.

And now, with Bella on the left.