Monday, 16 February 2015

Visiting Critter

A friend of mine is moving from southern QLD to Branxholm, a village close to Scottsdale. She came to visit and loved the area so much she decided to move here, and I think the time span from first visit to arrival was twelve weeks.

Her waler gelding, Reuben, has been delivered a couple of weeks early as there was a racing carnival on the week they were moving and no room on any horse trucks anywhere.

Reuben's transport coming down the road

Offloading from a truck worthy of him

Meeting the crew

Reuben is running with the larger cow herd and has settled in comfortably. However, I think he will be vastly relieved to see his owner arrive.


  1. He is HANDSOME! I'd never heard of a Waler before and had to look that up. Very cool!

  2. How exciting for you and Dunderi! You are so sweet to keep Reuben! I trust they are happily reunited now.