Friday, 28 March 2014

It seems I'm always playing catch up. I have some news to share in the next few days so I'll try and get a little bit done each day.

We had a fire about 500m from the front gate. Thankfully it was jumped on hard and fast by three different brigades and the resulting burnt area was confined to two roadsides and one paddock. Straight ahead in the photo behind the trees is a house. The owner had some frantic moments with a bobcat trying to clear a firebreak.

Our lowline breeder friend brought over a young lady who is doing steer and heifer showing, and she gave young Sieka a few leading lessons. Sieka is already halter broken, but leading manners are always good to learn.

At five months old in this photo Sieka is alread showing her jersey half in her body shape. Her legs are already longer than her mother's and she is much finer in build. She is also very outgoing and curious and spent alot of time leaning against Cheyanne just enjoying being patted.


  1. Your Sieka is a POCKET COW! I hadn't realised she was so tiny/low cuz I'm used to my monsters. She does look very handsome in her blue halter.

  2. I think she'll be taller than her mother, her legs are already longer (though that isn't hard as her mum has stumpy legs) and she's only a few inches short at the back.

    I like a cow I can kid myself that I can push around ;-D