Thursday, 24 January 2013

Have some sad news. Burke and Wills, our pair of geese, were killed by a fox last night. We found them this morning and I am gutted. We tried to keep them safe and I thought being such big birds a safe stableyard would be enough. But they were wandering the paddock in the cool of the night looking for something to eat and probably stood out like big white targets. They can't see to fly at night and the fox separated them. I hope that they are paddling in the perfect dam surrounded by soft green grass now :-(

Here's a photo that sums up how dorpers feel about food. We had to add extra crossbars to the hay ring to keep the sheep out as it was designed for cattle. As you can see, they are were a limited success.

Medea, flock leader and chief piggy.

We had a mini tornado on Friday. Lots of downed branches and scattered belongings. 3 mm of rain accompanying it, almost an insult !

 The sheep hoochie picked up and tossed. 
So glad there were no sheep in it !

 Branches off the big ironbark pinning the fence down.

A young kurrajong tree blown over.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss and such a challenging summer. You are in my thoughts. Kirby

  2. Thankyou, much appreciated. I think we are all ready for a quiet week or two.

  3. :( Burke and Wills :(